Price And Results Are Two Different Things

Let me tell you a story of a call I received last month.

A friend of mine refers me to one of his friend, a gay married man, sued by a woman for harassment in the workplace.

I offered the right strategy with a price tag. A lawyer he worked in the past and trusted offered him to handle the case for 60% less than my fees.

As a result, this client lost his trial against someone who came… without a lawyer!

The lawyer then promised his client to win in an appeal if he was willing to pay more fees. The total was twice my fees. After consulting other lawyer, that poor guy understood his appeal was impossible to win and his lawyer was just manipulating him to make money.

At stake: his green card and his marriage. He chose the price over the result.

Price and results are 2 different things.

Austin Morgan

Price and results are 2 different things. You will never get the same quality of service for cheap. find me a dealer who sells a Ferrari for the price of a Dodge!

We are a law firm that delivers results and we do not compromise with our reputation with strategies to make m0re money. We might be more expensive upfront but we will get you the result you expect clean and clear. If you choose price over results, you will have hard time to find a lawyer to fix the situation and even if you do, it’s going to cost you so much that it might not be worth it anymore.

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